Sahara Specialists available to support

Dementia Support

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Sahara has specialist women who are trained in domestic violence, abuse as well as the following:




Weight Management




Support with specialist services.

We have a highly specialised team who have training and the right information to be able to support any sisters suffering from this.

Our legal team will offer free advice to women who fall under the category of vulnerable, asylum seeking, single parents and we endeavour to support you however we possibly can. Each case is treated with the strictest of confidence and no one has any access to our records or files other than team workers.

Our volunteers are trained by Mental Health England, we have nurses and doctors currently employed by the NHS working around the clock to support victims.

We have women in fields that are both on the ground and available for one to one appointments as well as well as advice online and on the phone. Due to Covid restrictions many of our workshops have moved online and we will provide safe and secure spaces for you to share, explore and rehabilitate yourselves and others close to you. Confidentiality is paramount for us and we are very clear to keep your information strictly private. We honour you and your situation and are here to help, listen and learn in a safe and secure environment at all times.


Sahara Sisters are here to listen, hold you hand and help you through the process, whether that is reconciliation, rehabilitation or recuperation.