Safeguarding Courses

Sahara is offering specialist safeguarding courses to all the faith institutions to help them with safeguarding their sacred spaces. In partnership with SFI Strengthening Faith Institutions.

An example of a certificate we designed for the Gurdwara as a result of a course that we ran in London January 2020 where we were able to train all the staff and volunteers in Basic Safeguarding for children in level one and two. In addition we were delighted to work with two senior members of the management and accredited them as designated safeguarding leads for their community learning.

Currently I am working with GURDWARAS specifically up and down the UK to train their staff and volunteers in level 1 &level 2 accredited courses. I am also able to offer the DSL (Designated safeguarding Lead) training to faith institutions.

Working in Partnership with Navleen Kaur the Sikh representative for Safeguarding