Mrs Narinder Kaur

Narinder is a highly driven and successful HR Director with over 25 years experience recognised for driving business growth and profitability. She has led global HR teams in reinforcing strong company culture, creating and leading large-scale employee engagement programmes including The Sunday Times Top 100 Employer, Employee Benefits and National Training Awards.

Narinder currently serves as HR Director for Quantum Accountancy where she is responsible for building and implementing growth strategy programmes to develop, engage and retain the best talent for the Company and Client Care Programmes.

Mrs Rose Codling

Rose Codling is a decorative artist specialising in using silk fabrics to create unique gifts, pictures and floral decorations. She finds joy in the beauty of nature all around us. This inspires her to make delicate and beautiful silk flowers as well as other meaningful pieces that she hopes to share with those that appreciate the beauty of the unique.

Having recently left full time teaching to develop her passion for crafts She also runs workshops to help others develop their creativity through making their own beautiful silk flowers.  Let your occasion be forever be in bloom no matter how small.  Whether it is just for you and your friends, who want to relax together, or you are organising a special event such as a

  • birthday                    
  • Wedding
  • Pre-wedding party, or wedding favours
  • Anniversary
  • Seasonal event

Let’s work together to make your occasion memorable as well as fun. Where flowers fade away, these pieces will last a lifetime. Contact Rose if you would like to book a workshop or need a bespoke service.

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Susan Pai

To be infinite

I am a qualified Access Consciousness and Tesla Healing Metamorphosis Practitioner , where using  the universal life force energy , I assist the client at conscious , sub conscious , and soul level to unveil and heal hidden traumas , self sabotaging patterns and suppressed desires .Being qualified as a holistic Masseur, I also combine these healing energies in my massages to help the body relax and heal at a cellular level.I have also certified myself as a Crystal Sonic Therapist , which is a safe and non invasive sound therapy that incorporates the use of Alchemy of crystal bowls . The frequency that play out of these bowls balances and harmonises the electromagnetic field
In our body allowing us to access unlimited energy within us .