Sardarni Navleen Kaur

Sardarni Navleen Kaur is the Consultant & Community educator at in London. She currently teaches SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social Cultural Development) & and Sikh Studies worldwide. She holds a BA Hons in French Literature from the University college London. Her linguistic skills were further enhanced when completing a diploma in French poetry and literature in the Insitut Britannique in Paris. She attained her qualification as a teacher in modern foreign languages with a Post Graduate Certificate of  Education from UCL at the Institute of Education in London. 

Following this, she took out two years to work in humanitarian development projects in Panjab, India where she also trained as a Sikh Minister with the Panjabi University Patiala under the guidance of the Gurmat Studies faculty. She then developed a project with an NGO known as FATEH to work with vulnerable children and women who were indirect and direct victims of violence and abuse. This work was in association with two humanitarian organisations. It was funded by UNFVT(United Nations Fund for Victims of Torture.) The work was predominately founded as we recognised the need of setting a rehabilitation Centre for women and children suffering from trauma and violence. 

Working with traumatised children in an orphanage in Panjab.

Subsequently this lead to further studies at the University of Cambridge where she completed an Mphil in Educational psychology and social development.  Her focus was on Educational Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in Sikh children residing in the UK. 

Her volunteering work as been in the faith and interfaith networks. She is an appointed SACRE Council for Religious education in the London borough of Westminster. She has currently resigned from a Sikh Minister post was at Khalsa Secondary academy in Buckinghamshire where she coordinated Interfaith activities, developed the Sikh Studies programme, and ran the daily Sikh Services as a Granthi. 

In her career as an educator she has three outstanding OFSTED awards as a leader in her department of SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social Cultural Education.) 

Her publications have appeared in The European Networks where she has produced articles on faith, belief and values. She is an advisor for ENORB (European Network on Religion and Belief) and a senior leader for AFAN (All Faiths & None.) The paper she delivered has since been published by the European Parliament on inter-convictional education and dialogue.

She runs training for RE PGCE teachers at UCL and other UK universities. She also runs women’s empowerment workshops and mindfulness courses. She coordinates projects the Children’s Gurdwara Project on faith empowerment in London. She is the chair of the Cinq Étoile Dashmesh Academie in Paris running regular leadership development programmes for European Sikh youth. 

She has set up her own business as a free-lance Consultant with a special focus on Safeguarding and Mental Health. She is currently running training for teachers in FE (Further education) and HE (Higher Education) in Scandinavia and Europe. She delivers regular workshops on Sikhi in the local secondary and primary schools. Her work in youth empowerment is ongoing in Panjab with the Bhai Jaitha Foundation in Chandigarh and the Educate Panjab Project in Ludhiana and the Sagar Trust in Anandpur sahib. 

Freedom to know, feel and live fearlessly.