Higher Education

Delivering to HE (Higher Education & FE (Further Education) institutions. Currently we have openings to train PGCE students who are working towards acquiring a their teaching qualifications with a special emphasis on RE.

I have learnt so much from delivering workshops to University College London, University East London, Kings College trainee religious education teachers. The world-views and inter-convictional dialogues are becoming more and more important in today’s world.

“I am in awe of all the wonderful questions and staff that arrange these workshops that I teach. This year we did a sessions on zoom but in a ‘normal’ world I host trainee teachers to the Central Gurdwara in London and in Universities and we make a day of learning, training, food and fun.” Navleen Kaur


Working with women is so empowering and humbling, these group of people who were trainee teachers had some important questions on sexuality and gender bias. LGBT issues were also covered and the issues around teaching in modern day society with diverse young people and the ability to cover all issues around, race, ethnicity , equality and diversity.

Working with young women from all faiths and none joining to engage, learn and deepen their understanding of the sacred language, music and heritage in the South Asian Culture. This venue was in Notting Hill at the Central Gurdwara, London.