Sahara Schools

Workshops in Community, faith spaces & schools

At Sahara Schools we realise the importance of sharing the teaching and knowledge embedded in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib in a modern, dynamic and fun way. As we are trained teachers by profession and have been involved in senior leadership teams we understand the importance and relevance of SMSC education and its benefits.

We have a threefold service that we can provide

1.Teacher training & INSET for school

2.Workshops for teachers or students in both primary and secondary settings.


We can help to arrange a visit to your local Gurdwara, Mosque, Church, Mandhir, Synagogue with the educational expertise necessary to make your visit an exceptional learning experience….

Compliments ECO SIKH

Tailor made Gurdwara visits for Primary and secondary schools which include a tour of the sacred space. A reading & singing from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib as well as musical activities such as Calligraphy, Turban tying, leadership skills, team building and harmonious communications techniques. As well as Sikh focused topics such as Birth, death marriage, Living as saints soldiers and other activities that engage the learners in understanding the Sikh principles and way of life by interaction and well presented information.

Testimonials from staff and students


November 2020

“It was a pleasure having Navleen in to speak so beautifully to our children. Her enthusiasm, kindness and humility was appreciated by all of us. Navleen matched the content of her presentation slides to the enquiry questions that children will be investigating, which made the whole experience more worthwhile.

Listening to Navleen’s assembly was the perfect start to what will be a challenging half term (National Lockdown 2), as she reminded us of our four cornerstones and the mindful and reflective approach we should take to life to ensure that as educators we aim to support academic progress for our learners but more importantly build decent human beings.”
Mrs Clare James

“I really liked Navleen’s assembly because she was really kind and she taught me things about Sikhism. I didn’t know anything about Sikhism, but now I know that Sikh’s never cut their clean hair because their hair is living!”
Y3 child

“Navleen was great. I liked how she spoke out the values of Sikhism and how they were like our school values.”
Y6 child

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